Homestead Websites Get Top Placements Search Engines

August 29, 2010

Recently I created a couple of Intuit websites for local businesses that within a few short weeks took number one positions with the search engines for the terms we were targeting. Soon afterward, both companies had made plenty of money from their Google visitors to cover their costs of hiring me and of “hosting” for one year with Homestead.

The video below demonstrates how I am able to get top placements by using the Intuit website SEO techniques that are taught in the videos located at http// . It is in these videos where the secret techniques to search engine traffic are taught with precise detail.

Getting to the top of the search engines is easy to learn, once you have the proper tutorials.

I’ve published many articles and created video clips that inform Intuit webmasters that there are several things that must be done properly and four that should never be done inside the Sitebuilder program.

Get the SEO Extreme Video Series and you, too, will rank in better places with the search engines.

Look at the tips below. These will get you going in the right direction.

There are then still seven more things that you must do correctly inside the Sitebuilder after implementing these three very important pointers I am sharing with you now.

Publish 500 Word to a Page!
I always suggest that you should have At LEAST five hundred words to every Sitebuilder page on your website. If you visit the business website locations we talked about in the Youtube clip, you will find that the pages have plenty of words on them. Google, Yahoo and Bing know what your niche is about by the content that you have published. If you plan on being discovered for a particular keyword phrase, the keywords really NEED be on your page!

Some experts say that two hundred and fifty words is enough, but others suggest that if you want to get in the top and stay there you must provide plenty of content on a page. Have you noticed how much content that Wikipedia publishes on a page? They almost always are in the top ten results of Google’s pages.

Having the Correct Domain Name Helps:
It’s crucial that your URL name be directly associated with the niche you will be focusing on. Review the video and you will see, we found domain names that were very specific to the keyword phrases that people would most likely be using to find their business. It’s always a good idea to brain-storm in relationship to what words people would search for to find your website.

Interconnecting Your Sitebuilder Pages
The Internal Linking Structure of Your Site Must Be Correct.
Always use “anchor” text links on the internal structure of your website. By visiting the sites featured in the clip, you will see how we used the anchor links in unity with the keywords we were focusing on for the individual pages.

It always takes a couple of months for any new site to start getting good placements. You will have to be patient here. Google has something that is called the “sandbox”. When your site is finally completed and published, it takes a little while for the search engines to sift through your details.

They must do this in order to deem you as a legitimate site and not a spammy community. If you have been looking for your site in the search engine results pages and cannot find it, then you have probably not configured things properly. Once you learn Intuit Website SEO then your site will get higher placements and be able to be found.

Google has many things that they look at when the Bots crawl a website. If you have the important SEO elements in the correct order, then your chances are much better for getting a higher ranking in the SERPS (search engine results pages). The pre-made templates offered in the Sitebuilder could be hindering your chances of all of your pages being found by Google. That’s just the plain truth! The SEO Extreme Video Series shows you how to overcome the hindrances associated with using the templates.

The SEO Videos, found at are not just another product to sell. They were developed to help you be more successful with your Intuit website ventures. In the tutorials we teach the same techniques that I used to get great search engine placements using the Sitebuilder program by Intuit/Homestead. Both of the companies we featured in the Youtube clip that are getting business from their websites made profits within a few weeks. For a small amount of money, you can increase your opportunities greatly for ranking the major search engines.


Rename an Intuit Sitebuilder Page-Homestead Tutorial

August 25, 2010

Found this excellent lesson for changing an Intuit website page name. This Youtube video by Gene Townsend was screen recorded inside the Intuit/Homestead SiteBuilder program. At the Homestead Website Builder site we daily monitor new articles and videos that are published on to the Internet designed to help SiteBuilder users.
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SEO Tips Intuit Website Optimization

August 25, 2010

I recently watched a video on SEO that Matt Cutts from Google  did for Web Pro News. As I listened to his tips, I realized my Intuit website optimization was being done right. Matt’s focus went a little beyond the basics of SEO and so does my ability to configure the Sitebuilder properly to get high rankings with search engines.

Learning how to get good placements with the Sitebuilder is easy. I can teach you how to do this.

Click for Videos-

Learn How to SEO an Intuit Website

Learn How to SEO an Intuit Website

There are three things that remain consistent with getting your Sitebuilder pages better optimized.

  1. You must have plenty of  “on page” content that is relevant to your niche keywords.
  2. Your index page should focus on your main keyword phrase.
  3. You must use anchor links.

Apart from those three things:

  • You need to have the correct HTML codes entered into the source code. This is a easy custom tweek you need to learn.
  • Your “title” should be optimized.
  • The meta description should be structured with a specific SEO purpose in mind.
  • The domain name should include some of your niche keywords.
  • The internal linking structure of your site should be configured correctly.
  • Each page needs to be optimized for individual keywords.
  • The “Apply to All” feature should NEVER be used!

The Intuit website builder  IS NOT SEO FRIENDLY.

In order to get Google, Yahoo and Bing to like your Sitebuilder pages you will need to learn some advanced SEO techniques as they relate to using the Homestead Sitebuilder program.

There are seven things that must be done correctly for Google to Like your website.

The SEO Extreme Video Series was recorded in the Sitebuilder and gives easy to follow instructions on how to make your pages more appealing to the search engines. You can follow along with step-by-step instructions on how to get your Homestead website into great shape.

Even though the Sitebuilder is really pretty easy to use, it is not set up to deliver good search engine placements. If you want to be on the front page of Google and have FREE traffic coming to your pages, then you MUST learn how to SEO your intuit website.

I can teach you the same methods that I use to dominate many first pages of the search engines. Go to the website and get the SEO videos. You will quickly learn how to get your pages ranked higher with the search engines.

Creating a Content Sandwich

September 5, 2009

There’s a trick that I learned from a Homestead user a couple of years ago about writing content. Have you ever joined any article communities like Ezine, Stock Vault or Article city? These are websites that you can copy content from, but you must give the authors credit and keep all anchor text links active.
If you understand how to apply SEO for Homestead websites, then using content from these free communities can be beneficial to you. This is where the idea of making a content sandwich comes in.
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Writing Content Daily-Publishing for Success

August 21, 2009

If you write optimized content regularly, then success will be knocking on your Internet door. Setting publishing goals will greatly increase the amount of visitors that come to your website and also the revenue that your site generates.

The Homestead Users website has many products that can help you achieve greater success on the Internet. Also the developers of the site have a related blog which provides Homestead website help.
read Writing Content Daily

Homestead Website Builder Reviews

August 3, 2009

I have been using Intuit’s website builder for several years to build my sites with. So, how easy is the program to use? After reading this, you will see how user-friendly the web builder really is. These are just a few of my views.

Click here for my full review of Homestead websites

Point Click and Drag
The Site Builder can be referred to as a point. Click and drag system that is very easy to use. Inside the program there are drop-down menus that have many options to choose from. Once you’ve select an item, it appears on the screen.

If it is a text box, then it is just a matter of entering your text information. The boxes are movable by clicking on the left mouse over the object and holding the button down.

If you want to add a picture, then you can either browse your computer or upload one from the photo library. There are thousands of selections inside the homestead website builder.

Let me just say that I have tried many other web builders and non have been as easy to use as this one. They advertise that you can build a website in just minutes and that really is true, if you have all of your text already written.

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Among the many easy to use features you will discover that audio mp3s and Youtube videos can be added rather easily.

If you can copy and paste, then you shouldn’t have any problems with the Homestead websites builder.

You will find that there are many templates to choose from for many businesses and hobbies. If you would like to design your own web site from a blank page you can do that as well.

There are many packages to choose from for various budgets. You can purchase your domains and get domain privacy as well.

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Everything you need is included in your Homestead account to get you started off in the right direction.

Views About Homestead Websites – Homestead Website Users

August 3, 2009

Views About Homestead Websites – Homestead Website Users

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